General settings

  • Adding a school logo; branding
  • Changing the colours of the program, adjusting to the corporate colours of the school
  • Creating an individual administrator account and a super-administrator account
  • Creating individual accounts for school employees
  • Create individual accounts for students
  • Creating individual accounts for teachers
  • Configuring an employee's account: access to statistics
  • Configuring a teacher's account: enabling teachers to edit their timetables
  • Defining global settings for displayed function views: modern view (tiles), list view
  • Adding multiple branches
  • Adding classrooms
  • Importing student databases from other programs (a CSV file)
  • Importing teacher databases from other programs (a CSV file)
  • Importing company databases from other programs (a CSV file)
  • Managing the school’s DL PRO subscription: suspension and renewal of licences, invoices, credit cards
  • Error notifications

Communication and messages - video

  • Creating message and notification templates (paid add-on: purchase for your school)
  • Initiating phone calls directly from the program
  • Texting individual students and groups
  • Sending emails to individual students and to groups
  • Email configuration, editing the email footer

Virtual classroom - video

  • Virtual classroom – your own tool for conducting online classes (paid add-on: purchase for your school)
  • Integration with other platforms for conducting online classes (Zoom, Whereby, Skype, Teams etc.)
  • Screen sharing
  • Turning the microphone and video on and off
  • Easy access to class registers on the desktop screen
  • Screen refreshing
  • Online access to Direct Language Lab coursebooks in the virtual classroom
  • Connection quality survey


  • Creating contract templates for students
  • Creating contract templates for employees
  • Creating contract templates for teachers
  • Remote contract signing and electronic confirmation (paid add-on: purchase for your school)
  • Creating GDPR documents: consents, privacy policy, information obligation
  • Creating school regulations
  • Exporting all documents to a PDF file, with your school’s logo in the header and address in the footer

Book library - video

Exams and tests - video


  • Adding legal guardian data
  • Granting and resetting passwords to access user accounts
  • Adding contact details and dedicated phone numbers for texting
  • Generating billing documents
  • Adding tags to students
  • Integration with the DLHUB platform, displaying the coursebook purchased by the student in DLPRO


  • Granting permissions for contact persons from companies
  • Adding contact details and dedicated phone numbers for texting
  • Generating billing documents
  • Adding tags to companies


  • Possibility to diversify each teacher's wage rate depending on the group
  • Automatic billing for completed classes based on the assigned rate
  • Billing teachers based on global rates and group rates
  • Generating billing documents
  • Assigning multiple languages to each teacher
  • Sending and resetting passwords to access the teacher's account
  • Adding multiple tags to each teacher
  • Managing teacher’s leaves and other periods of the teacher's unavailability
  • Database of active and deactivated teachers


  • Database of active and deactivated groups
  • Easily deactivation and activation of groups
  • Automatic or manual assigning of unique colours to groups displayed on the timetable
  • Assigning various resources to each group: department, company, classroom, teacher, course, type of payment
  • Possibility to define different types of groups
  • Adding the start and end dates for the group's classes
  • Adding a timetable based on a predefined number of lessons
  • Adding the group's work schedule
  • Possibility to create company groups assigned to an institution
  • A unique system of icons to distinguish between internal groups in school branches and external groups


  • Automatic download of national holidays and public holidays
  • Defining days off for your school
  • Defining holidays
  • Possibility to add classes on days off

Creating a timetable - classes

  • Automatic process of creating a timetable based on the dates of classes for each group
  • Error reports: conflicts of occupied rooms
  • Error reports: identifying teachers’ conflicts
  • Creating a timetable of holidays for the teacher
  • Possibility to add one-time / dynamic classes
  • Notification of one-time and periodic replacements
  • Notification of lessons to be made up for at a later date
  • Assigning statuses to individual lessons: completed/realized, cancelled, cancelled too late, to be done, not completed/not realized
  • Possibility to sort the timetable by: date, branch, teacher, company, language, location, group, course type
  • Various timetable views: daily, weekly, monthly
  • Convenient timetable navigation
  • Intuitive and convenient preview of the details of a given class in the timetable
  • Exporting the timetable by type and view to a PDF file

Class register

  • Possibility to set up several types of class registers depending on the method and course type
  • Defining the required register items: coursebook page, last word, topic, homework or any other chosen by the school
  • Required register element: required to be completed by a teacher in order to change the class status from unrealized to completed
  • Adding new classes
  • Semi-automatic completion of class attendance
  • Adding homework
  • Possibility to send files to students
  • Adding different types of grades, predefined by the school: grading by scale, descriptive grade
  • Adding notes


  • Automatic ticking of students’ payments related to bank statements
  • Manual ticking of payments
  • Creating payment schemes: instalment payment, monthly payment for a student in a group, monthly payment for a group, package payment, payment in advance or in arrears
  • Students’ payments by using QR codes
  • Adding a cash payment and generating a document for printing
  • Adding cash withdrawal and generating a document for printing
  • Invoicing directly in the program
  • Automatic connection of bank payments based on the contract ID provided in the bank transfer description


  • Students’ payment reports: overdue payments, paid, with a maturity date
  • Reports of textbooks borrowed by students and teachers
  • Accounting reports
  • Financial reports on revenues
  • Financial reports on teachers' salaries
  • User login reports
  • Reports on teachers’ online class logins
  • Reports on the duration of online classes in the virtual classroom
  • Report on online exams and tests
  • Statistical reports on lessons: number of classes carried out in a given period, number of classes cancelled on time, number of classes cancelled after the deadline, number of classes to be done
  • Export reports for download in the pdf or csv format
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